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Personalized computer repair services across Georgia’s Lake Country
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 In office, on site, and remote computer repair and technical support

Issues with your computers can try your patience. Have us fix the problem so you can get back to what’s important to you.

Our team understands that your devices no matter what you use them are important to you. This is why we provide you with personalized tech solutions to ensure that your devices perform how you want, when you want.

With our experience working within enterprise and professional IT environments you can be sure that our team will have the knowledge to repair your devices or correct the problems that you will encounter when using your devices.

What can we help you with?

Our team can assist you in office, on site across the Lake Oconee area or anywhere remotely as long as you are online.

Malware/Virus Removal & Cyber Security

Malware is constantly evolving, our team is ready to clean your devices and restore them to normal working order. We can even provide you with protection to help prevent further threats.

Data Recovery and Backup Solutions

Our team can perform many data recovery services in office and on site. For the more specialized recovery tasks, we have partnered with specialized data recovery organizations

Hardware Upgrades and Replacement

Whether it was damaged from weather or misuse, or has just aged out. We can upgrade your hardware, or suggest replacement devices if upgrades are not feasible or possible.

How Can We Help You?


Keep your business safe & secure from outside and inside threats.


Local support for your IT needs with a simple phone call or ticket.

Cloud Services

We will provide you the tools with best practices to keep your business running safely

Backup And Recovery

Peace of mind that your teams hard work is secure and recoverable.

Remote Support

Not sure about what you need? We’ll consult with you to evaluate your needs

Malware/Virus Removal & Cyber Security Protection

Threat removal and proactive protection

We encounter cyber security threats are everywhere, in our email, on the websites we visit and in the files we share with family and friends. Our cyber security protection will help you stop these threats from impacting your technology usage.

When threats like viruses, adware, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and other malware has impacted you. We are here to restore your devices to working order and ensure the threats are completely removed the first time.

Computer Upgrades

Let's speed up that old computer

Technology changes day to day, but if your computer can be upgraded, there is no need to replace it, potentially spending more money and contributing to e-waste in landfills. We will compare your computer’s potential upgrade capability to your needs, and provide a price to upgrade or repair your computer, while comparing it to the cost of a new computer. Allowing you to make the best decision. If the decision is to replace the computer, we can help you with transferring your data, removing the data from your old computer, and upcycling or recycling your old computer.

MindFire Shield

Professional protection and device monitoring

With MindFire Shield, we can monitor your devices for hardware issues, provide cyber security protection, maintain your data backups and remotely connect to your devices to assist your with any issues that you may encounter. With alerts on hardware issues we can contact you to initiate computer repair services before catastrophic losses occur.

Custom PC Builds

Custom designed computers to meet your needs

Whether you are performing design work or you need your computer to perform at high levels for competitive gaming. We are ready to work with you to design your new computer from the ground up while recommending appropriate hardware to fit your requirements.

Hardware Evaluation, Replacement & Upgrades

True diagnostics and repair to keep your device working.

Computer components are expensive, replacing the wrong part can cost you more than it needs to. Keep your costs low by going with experience.

Our team of skilled technicians have the experience and training to correctly diagnose the issue, replace the correct component and get your device back up and running as quickly as possible rather than replacing multiple components that did not need to be replaced.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Preventing data loss and recovering from disasters

Data loss can be catastrophic to individuals and businesses, our team works to prevent data loss through multiple layers of protection: preventing cyber attacks such as ransomware, performing online, offline, and revisioned backups, preventing data leaks, external and internal.

In the event of data loss, our team can start the disaster recovery process and activate our partners if needed to ensure your data is recovered as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Home Networking and Support

Quality equipment, reliable connection, fast speeds.

With today’s equipment that you can buy from a store’s shelf, anyone can setup a home network. However that does not replace the knowledge of knowing why certain settings are in place and what to do for specific circumstances.

Our staff is knowledgeable on the network protocols, settings and know which to adjust to meet your home network needs. We also stock quality equipment that will surpass the performance and reliability of any “off-the-shelf” device that many home users are installing.

Software Support and Licensing

Software freezing or crashing? Need licensing?

Our team stands by waiting to assist you with any software issues from troubleshooting to solution.

Looking for the best prices on software licensing we will work with you to either provide you the best price, or connect you with the company that does.

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