Managed IT Services

Simplifying your IT infrastructure, while providing the security and reliability to keep your business running.

Technology benefits today’s businesses in countless ways, however as it evolves, so do the issues.

Problems with inefficient networks, system downtime, security threats, and countless other IT-related issues can eat away at your team’s productivity and stretch your team’s patience.

We understand the need for timely support which is why we are committed to providing fast, efficient IT solutions that Lake Oconee Area businesses need. Our team works quickly to minimize disruption and keep your business pushing forward.

We utilize cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to monitor, maintain, and secure your data and systems. We work behind the scenes to monitor your systems to limit downtime, maintain your devices to keep them running smoothly, and proactively address issues from hardware issues to security threats.

We provide the IT outsourcing that Lake Oconee Area businesses deserve. With our IT support services you gain access to strategic guidance and oversight that ensures your technology is aligned with where you want you business to go.

What areas can outsourcing help your business grow?

Outsourcing your IT can reduce your stress and costs while increasing your company’s efficiency.

Are you overwhelmed managing your IT needs?

Workplace technology can feel like navigating a maze, especially for SMBs that do not have a dedicated IT department.

Are you concerned with the security of you data and systems?

Threats to your systems and data are everywhere from phishing scams to ransomware. The cost of a breach can be catastrophic.

Are you struggling with the costs of dedicated IT staff?

With the increasing costs of dedicated IT staff including salaries, benefits, and education; outsourcing your IT needs reduces your budget while increasing capabilities.

How Can We Help You?


Keep your business safe & secure from outside and inside threats.

IT Helpdesk Support

Local support for your IT needs with a simple phone call or ticket.

Cloud Services

We will provide you the tools with best practices to keep your business running safely

Backup And Continuity

Peace of mind that your teams hard work is secure and recoverable.


Not sure about what you need? We’ll consult with you to evaluate your needs

Network Design and Implementation

Quit fighting network nightmares

Have you ever felt like your business network has gremlins and things just aren’t working correctly? You are not alone, small and mid-sized business all across the world have daily battles when managing their own IT without dedicated IT support.

Don’t let slow connections, intermittent outages, and security scares stop you from conducting business. That’s where our network support team comes in. Our team will review your network setup, design an efficient and effective solution, then implement it while limiting downtime so your team can continue working.

Endpoint Management & Security

Ensure your endpoints are secure and policies are enforced

Your team is effective, why shouldn’t the devices they utilize meet their needs and ensure that your team isn’t being slowed down when making sales, assisting your customers, and supporting each other.

Our endpoint management allows us to monitor your endpoints for hardware and software issues, enforce your company’s technology use policies, protect endpoints from misuse, and protect your endpoints from cyber security threats.

IT Helpdesk Support

Providing support you need, when you need it

Our IT help desk is ready to support your team when you need them eight hours a day, 5 days a week, with after hours and emergency support available. Our team works together to ensure that all issues are responded to quickly and effectively to ensure your team stays up and going.

Email Security & Protection

Securing communications across the web

Compromises are occurring each day, whether from unauthorized access to email accounts, email scams, phishing attempts, or other methods. Our Advanced Threat Protection will scan each email, sent or received, from your company’s email system, removing many of the threats that your team encounters day to day and protecting your company’s reputation.

With email encryption, we can help you protect your customer’s sensitive data, and limit your liability when working with Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Don’t have an white-labeled email service in place? Our team can setup and manage your email service.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Preventing data loss and recovering from disasters

Data loss can be catastrophic to individuals and businesses, our team works to prevent data loss through multiple layers of protection: preventing cyber attacks such as ransomware, performing online, offline, and revisioned backups, preventing data leaks, external and internal.

In the event of data loss, our team can start the disaster recovery process and activate our partners if needed to ensure your data is recovered as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Security Awareness Training

Let us train your team to keep systems and data secure

“While IT professionals must work hard to block every threat, bad actors just have to find one new vulnerability to gain access to many systems.”

With cyber security threats constantly changing, educating your team can be one of the best ways to prevent compromise, turning them into your first line of defense against any bad actors from gaining access to your company’s data, systems, or damaging your reputation.

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Simple Approach. Simple Integration. Full Support

Evaluation and Identification

We evaluate your existing infrastructure, note strengths and weaknesses, work with you and your team to understand your needs, plan changes, and review those plans with you.

Downtime Mitigation & Issue Resolution

Downtime happens, but when it does, we work to get your systems back functional as soon as possible. With our inventory of hardware we can resolve outages fast. Support requests are addressed quickly, and resolved as quickly as possible.

Education and Training

Between our technicians, help documents, and training systems your team can develop a better understanding of potential risks and more effective ways to complete tasks. Users with appropriate education and training are significantly less likely to be a risk to your company’s security, and improve productivity due to their knowledge of how to use systems.

Implementation and Testing

Once ready for implementation, we work with you and your team to determine the best timing for the change, prepare for the change to minimize downtime, and alert your team before triggering downtime, no matter how short. All changes are tested to prevent negative impact to your environment.

Security Evaluation & Monitoring

We evaluate your teams security after each implementation, change, and on a regular schedule between changes. With our software suite, we monitor your devices for any potential risks and address them quickly.

Reevaluate and Implement Changes

Many IT providers build a solution and wait for something to break. With our software suite, custom programmed monitoring solutions, and proactive staff; we perform preventative maintenance, replace aging hardware, and suggest changes to prepare for future needs.

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